Garden + is a great new feature to help you stay organized with all the plants in your garden electronically! 

First step is to create your free account! Check out this article if you are having difficulties signing up.

Once you get logged in to your account, your screen will show an empty garden. You will select the "Add Plant to Garden" button. 

You will then see a screen that will pull up a list of all the plants within the app. You can either scroll and select your plant or you can start typing in the search box to find it faster.

After selecting your plant, you will be pulled into a detailed screen where you will enter information such as when & where you planted it. You will notice on this screen you will see projected seed sprouting and harvest dates. When completed you can select "Save & Close" to save the plant and exit back to the main screen.

Your plants that you entered will be found on your main screen in your "garden". To go back into the details page to view the information again you simply will select it from the main screen. 

To see Garden + in action all the way from logging in at the beginning through adding plants check out this video!